Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wonderful Things

My lists this month have been a bit on the negative side - it's a new semester, I feel overworked, everything is chaotic, and I have one of my two working Saturdays this weekend. But there are lots of lovely things about March:

1. Spring is here.
2. It's warm enough to eat lunch in the park.
3. Alicia, the new teacher, is nice.
4. My house smells like peppermint, thanks to a new oil burner.
5. I've been getting lots of sleep.
6. We've had lots of coffee brewing at work.
7. My new students are quite cute.
8. My room actually gets light in the morning before I wake up!
9. No more winter coat or tons of layers of sweaters.
10. May is coming (there are two long weekends in May.)

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