Sunday, July 15, 2001

Nothing cool happens in Bolton

I've never seen zorba the Greek, or read it in fact. Perhaps I will add it to my list, though the list has not been moving so quickly what with all the jobs. No Logo is taking me forever, interspersed with small amounts of the women travel anthology. I tried three times to read the Hobbit and never got more than 100pgs through it. Don't know why really.

Work is very, very depressing. A read a quote once that people who do menial, boring work tend to have menial boring personalities. Ha, no doubt. I keep myself sane by reading no logo on my breaks cause it makes me feel somewhat intellectual and keeps my moral outrage working, rather than stagnating like most of my brain. I don't so much mind the number of hours I am working, but that I never have a full day off. The damn people at dairy queen keep scheduling me for both evening shifts on the weekend which they weren't supposed to be doing. It is just too much to never be able to relax for a full 24 hours, so I am stuck with it this weekend but am going to ask for the Saturday after off.

Added to that is the stress of the SWAP paper work-I need to get everything organized to take down Saturday, which includes fun visits to the bank, which is hard when I work during bank hours. I feel like my mind is constantly replaying all the things I have to do, over and over, so that even when I am at home I have this constant level of stress. I am doing it all so this so I can go to Scotland.

I've heard amnesiac is supposed to be the best album of the summer. There are lots of great albums out lately-new weezer, new REM, etc. I must admit, seeing U2 was probably the highlight of my summer. It all seems downhill from here (well, until Scotland anyway).