Monday, March 03, 2008

New Year

First day of the new year. My kindie kids are soooo tiny. And teaching them gym is going to wear me out.

I have most of the same classes - and a lot of young ones. Kindie all morning, grade 1/2. My only older class are grade 4s. Which sucks - I like teaching older students. Ach, well.

My poor grade 1s - they just went to Korean school for the first time (Peter: "Teacher, there were 40 kids in my class! That's too many!") this morning and then had their first set of afternoon classes with us - different teachers, they have to bring their own books every day, daily homework, no one to escort them down to the buses. Poor kids - they looked so overwhelmed!

I think I have free periods for a bit. I was supposed to be teaching some sort of intensive writing class (Translation - Teacher spends all of her prep time marking like a maniac), but the book wasn't finished on time and so they didn't offer it, so I think I have a free block!!! Woo! Prep time!

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