Saturday, January 13, 2001

Ranting and Alan in Canada

Alan came over at Christmas which was soooo wonderful. It has been a bit of a bad year, considering that a lot of my friends graduated and left last year and I live with three absolute morons. I am at Queen's and finding the year immensely boring. If I hadn't signed something saying that I would complete my forth year I might not have come back. As it is, I am such a major slacker and just don't much care about my classes. One of them is correspondence and as such I barely look at it. I am performing in a Greek play Iphigenia at Aulis for one class which should be amusing-we get to drink cocktails with umbrellas during the performance though, so if nothing else we will all get hammered. I am counting the days till graduation. I have precious little money this year and so I have a job at the law library on campus. Woo hoo-damn are they arrogant. I need to find a second job now that will last into the summer and I am soooo looking forward to that (insert sarcasm here).

Working holiday visas are frustrating. If I end up with a working holiday visa, I will only be able to work for a year out of the two so I will need to do some pub work under the table I think. I am trying to figure out how much time people actually spend working and if it is more than the advised 50% max. The visa thing is craziness-they have apparently changed it so that the two years starts from the day it is approved but of course they always say not to book your flight UNTIL it is approved. Then they say that it normally takes five days to process but you should send it in 8 weeks in advance. Then there will be two months less time on the visa. I am hoping the travel agent who informed me of this is on crack, but I somehow doubt it!

At first it was weird having Alan visit Bolton, especially having him sleep in my childhood bed!!! My parents were much cooler than I thought they would have been. We went around Toronto, down to Niagara Falls, and to Kingston.