Sunday, December 17, 2000

Ranting, TMI, Photos

Snow!!! ARRGH! First it all falls down like it is trying to do all of winter in just one week and it is so cold that my nipples end up permanently concrete and then it gets warm and rains and all the damn snow melts AND the soles of my shoes suddenly decide after two years that they no longer wish to be water proof. And goddamnit, I still have an exam and an essay to go before I can do anything about it!

Plus, I have gained weight. And in just ten days there will be someone around to see me naked. I am now wishing that I had gone to the gym a lot more than just five times this term. And that I hadn't eaten so much chocolate during September. Why is it that comfort eating ends up making you feel less comfortable down the line?!?

Vent over. I am sure I will be in a much better mood once exams are over.

I am still making photo albums for my European trip after the Lunt. I have no idea how I will ever get them all done-I had no idea what an endeavor it would be. I guess considering I have owned a camera since I was in Grade 5 but never put any photos in anything resembling a well organized album, this should have come as no surprise. And I now need to buy more albums. And more of those photo corner thingies, which incidentally are costing me a small fortune.

YES, ANDREA, COME TO SCOTLAND!!! It would be a great idea. Boys with accents. Boys in kilts. Ceildh dancing. Pubs. Hogmanay. Vacations in Europe (well, perhaps not plural for me, Ms. Student-loan-repayer, but at least one!). Me. You. :)