Sunday, May 20, 2001

Peace and quiet

I spent the nicest day yesterday-my entire family left to go and open up the cottage. It was so quiet and peaceful the whole day. I slept in, read (Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks, now finished), ate lots of pineapple. But the nicest thing was the silence-no blaring TV or loud music or people shouting through the house. I think maybe I am one of those people who are meant to live alone.

Last Thursday I went to see the free REM concert in Toronto and to hand in my SWAP application. I was buzzing all day long-partly the excitement, partly because jenny kept me up all night talking on the phone!

I have had my hair cut, not sure if I mentioned it, and it is short-it freaks me out still whenever I comb it. But my passport photos turned out quite well :)

I start work Tuesday at Tim's, but not until Friday at dairy queen. Such an exciting week!

I have decided to start reading no logo by Naomi Klein cause I think it will be amusing to take it in to work for breaks. I am having quite the literate summer, but needed a break from fiction after having a bit of an overdose in the past three weeks. I wish there was some sort of funky book club around-I think it would be fun. I just own sooooo many unread books.

And I may be going to see a U2 concert this week.

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

A very Canadian job

I am now a happy, cheerful, smiling Tim Horton's employee. I feel a bit bad cause at the interview it sounded like they were hoping I would stick around for a fairly long time, ie a year, but I did imply that I was taking some time to decide what to do with my life next, ie leave and do something better. I then proceeded to apply for a part time job at Dairy Queen-because it is close to Tim's and I might as well have two shite jobs if I am going to have one. So I have an interview for that tomorrow evening. I start next week at Tim's, so one more weekend of freedom. Can't wait to start wearing that hairnet-speaking of which I am having a significant portion of my hair cut off tomorrow.