Monday, May 20, 2002

Spring Update

My birthday shoes are very cool-they have a bit of yellow that I didn't like at first but am now quite fond of. We went out for Thai for my birthday and Alan had an extremely hot curry-nice, though.

I am trying to figure out flights to Italy-I need to fly one airline to London and then another to Rome, and change airports in London. I may see what it costs to fly a normal airline, instead of the cheap ones, because it may just be easier all round and a friend tells me that it isn't too bad, plus you fly into the major airports instead of little ones far outside the city.

Alan and I are trying to renew our lease here until next June. Hopefully it will get renewed, as we both will be in Italy (not booked yet, obviously) the day the present lease ends.

He is studying for exams, and still has a year to go. He finishes mid next week and then we are off to a wedding the first weekend in June. I still need to buy something to wear!

We had a good time on our weekend in the Scottish borders. Lots of abbeys, etc.