Saturday, September 15, 2001

Back in Scotland and menial job hell

Rowan visiting our new flat.

I have a crap job to go to now eight hours a day and a never ending messy flat. I don't understand-this place seems to need cleaning tons more than anywhere else I have ever lived.

The news about New York has been shocking, though I am feeling numbed by the constant news coverage now. Didn't really have any effect on Scotland at all, except for flight cancellations. Blair says he's shoulder to shoulder with the US, making people here worry about Britain in military strikes on Afghanistan, though I'm not sure it would be such a bad thing to see the Taliban government fall.

Things are rather unexciting here. I'm happy to be back with Alan, but I hate the damn shite filing job with the Royal Bank of Scotland. It's as mindless as the damn Tim Horton's job. I haven't really met anyone here, so all my friends are people going to classes with Alan and I think that once uni starts, they are going to end up his friends really, since he'll be spending time with them and I'll be off filing shite bits of paper in binders with my brain on idle. I hated the last year of my degree but I wish I was back doing it now. Can't please me, obviously. Andrea is coming over in November though, which I am looking forward to a lot. Sounds a bit childish, but I want someone who I don't have to share with Alan! I expected to be doing tons of exciting things, but I suppose that was unrealistic since I am living here and lots of life is sort of boring and normal.