Wednesday, March 19, 2008

There's Nothing More Italian Than...

1. Lime green cream of brocoli soup. The soup, while tasting fine, sort of resembled some sort of nuclear waste. It glowed.

2. Sweet garlic bread. I don't understand why Korean people think garlic bread should be sweet.

3. Salad with a side of strawberry dressing. Also a very nuclear-waste pink.

4. Sweet chili-cream sauce. With lots and lots of fish eggs. Fine, but not what I was expecting.

5. "What do you want for dessert?" our waiter asked. We got the set menu, so while we were not anticipating dessert, it was a possibility. "What kinds are there?" I responded. "Coke or cider," he replied. So, drinks then. Gotcha.

As Korean-Italian restaurants go, it was fine. Not incredible, but tasty. It is owned by the same people who used to run Ti Amo, a gelato place. Their ice cream was better than their pasta, but it is certainly busier now that they serve food instead.

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