Thursday, December 13, 2001

Helen & Harry

We saw the Harry Potter film finally, and bumped into Helen who was in Edinburgh to celebrate her birthday, at the Italian restaurant right under our flat.

Christmas plans are going well here, some of us are group buying tonight since it's the late night at the shops. We have the advent calendar up on the back of the couch but that's it for our decorations. I have been sent some Christmas cards,
including ones from Nana and Aunt Joan. Mine have all finally been mailed out, even the ones to people in Britain.

Andrea moves into her flat tomorrow, so we get our living room back.

I've already spent all my Christmas money on courses next term, one is on Troy and the other on the beginnings of farming in the middle east.

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Advent Calendar Arrived

I got the advent calendar in the mail but haven't put it up on the wall yet!

I'm going to use my Christmas money to pay for my courses next term since I had better sign up for them soon-my last class is tonight and then I just have the two essays to write by February.

I hope Daniel enjoyed his birthday.

I have to send my Christmas cards off by this Friday and haven't done any yet.

Monday, December 03, 2001

Christmas package sent!

Alan started his Christmas holidays job today and I had a half day off to go get my national insurance number.

More importantly, I've finally sent out the family Christmas package-it's in two parts, one is a box and the other a bubble envelope. One of Bradley and Alannah's gifts is particularly cute.

Andrea is over here and has been staying with us for the past week-she is off travelling for a bit but then will be back with us till her lease starts on the 14th.