Friday, March 07, 2008

Things I've Read Today

1. A bunch of websites.
2. In particular, details of many Adventure Korea trips.
3. A couple of chapters of "Dreams From My Father" by Obama.
4. The first four chapters of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."*
5. "Akiak" and "Arthur's Reading Race" for elementary reading classes.
6. Sitting in My Box for kindie library time** - the kids and I all loved it.
7. Other boring textbooks - speaking, writing.
8. Instructions for texture lesson in kindie art class - to boil it down for ya - put stuff under paper, use crayon. Why make it more difficult than that? Again, they had love for this activity.

* When I went into the library with one of my classes, I had to tell them what levels of books I wanted them to choose to take home. One kid very seriously told me I had to pick a book too and that I had a week to read it. I think I should have chosen a shorter book...

** Which should have been Wednesday, but that was the day I became a Poly School star, with my lovely performance in "Reading Class." Oscar worthy, I tell ya.

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