Sunday, March 09, 2008

How to Make Dukgalbi*

Step One: All the ingredients are placed out. Our restaurant has do-it-yourself side dishes, you need to fetch some water and put out the utensils. I like to drink Coke with dukgalbi, with all Korean food in fact, because there is something about Korean spicy food that makes me crave chocolate or Coke afterwards.

Step Two: Everything gets mixed together and the chicken cooks.

Step Three: At this point, there are decisions to be made. You can eat it solo. You can add rice. You can add ramyeon noodles. We opted for the noodles.

Step Four: Put on the bib provided** and enjoy! The perfect post-paintballing meal.

* Really, the server does all the actual work - even most of the stirring.
** Thanks to my model, Sean.

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