Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Funny Things That Have Happened Lately

1. Went to the bar, ended up wrapped in bubble wrap.

2. Kept hearing "Please recharge battery" every time I stepped on the elevator. Turns out, I needed to charge my phone (new one speaks English - quite the upgrade!), but for some reason I only ever heard it on the elevator. Which is odd, as I was in the house in silence that day and didn't hear a thing. I must say, there is nothing reassuring about the thought of an elevator with low batteries on its way down from the twelfth floor...

3. Peter sniffed my hair (okay, that happens all the time) and then told me I was his best friend (awwwww!).

4. Was almost hit by the exact same motorcycle three times in about 5 minutes.

There must be more, just can't think of anything...

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