Thursday, March 27, 2008

As I Said, I'm Nothing If Not Bold

I received a gift yesterday from a friend from South Carolina and I must say I love it. As did my coworker, who used to go to summer camp in the area and loved all the jogs to her memory.

1. "Tales from the South Carolina Upstate: Where the Cotton and Peaches Grow", by Nancy Rhyne.

2. Gillian Stick Candy. This takes me back, I must say. I loved these things as a kid.

3. Postcard of the Town Clock in Winnsboro, which is believed to be the largest continuously-running town clock in the United States, apparently!

4. Spoon rest, which I have been informed has the design of the South Carolinan flag.

5. The funniest magnet ever, for the Gamecocks. Fits in perfectly with my very Canadian pics of Thanksgiving dinner, canoeing, and a sunset. (Though come to think of it, that sunset is from the Isle of Skye, in Scotland. Anyway.)

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Scott said...

I'm so glad you like it!

--Smithie, not Scott, even though he's curently logged in on Blogger