Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Things That Could Lead to Spontaneous Giving of Notice

1. No books - some of them are actually there, we are scheduled to teach them, but we can't have them, apparently.

2. KTs letting the kids run riot and leaving us to clean up the mess.

3. The suggestion that I might be required to teach my boss' daughter and make up an entire ciriculum to do so...

Actually, only the last one did more than frustrate me, but I tell ya, in the words of my friend Sofiya it was a stamp-stamp-stamp-slam. Well, no actual slam. Annoyingly, the door to the staff room slides open and shut. So unsatisfying.

1 comment:

Sofiya said...

I am flattered to have gifted an expression to your lexicon. I'm sorry people were being arsey to you.