Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Autumn musings

My university courses are really good. My friend Louise is taking the one on Pompeii with me. I'm definitely going to take more in January.

We are moving buildings at work and the dept is going to be reorganized. There are permanent positions going, I might apply since the main boss suggested I do, but I think that with such a short term visa it's not too likely I'd get it.

I've just been reading the Harry potter books and am looking forward to the movie. They are amazing-much better than I expected.

The weather is getting pretty bad now. Damn Scottish autumns.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Weekends and new classes

We've had a good weekend here-out for dinner for alan's friend's birthday on Friday when I managed successfully to eat my whole meal with chopsticks, a flatwarming on Saturday with tons of old friends, a day of reading the papers and watching four hours of wildlife programmes on BBC1 Sunday and then out to see American Pie 2 on Monday evening.

I have signed myself up for two evening classes in archaeology through the Uni of Edinburgh-they are not quite uni level courses but were fairly cheap. One is on Pompeii and the other on hunter gatherers after the ice age. I'm not sure how much work they entail, but if all goes well I may take four more over the next two terms to get the certificate for doing six. I figured if nothing else, I will get to learn about various periods/locations in archaeology which may help me decide what I want to study.

Alan is doing well, the district nurse came on the weekend to change his dressing. It's going to be another three weeks till it's healed though. Not much of a Thanksgiving here this year, since I spent it in the hospital with him!

Statue in George Square Gardens, Edinburgh University