Monday, March 31, 2008

Observations From the Playroom

1. The Sharks class are very, very into playing "mommy and daddy."

2. In spite of its title, the girls in the game want to either be the older sister or the baby. The boys also want to be the baby. I'm not sure what exactly that says, but I'm sure it says something.

3. While not in a leadership role in the classroom, Ann rules the roost in the playroom. All the children request family roles from her and will chase her around begging to have the role they want.

4. Once roles are distributed, the game is no longer interesting in the slightest.

5. Monster is also a big favorite, especially if teacher can be convinced to be the monster.

6. Again, everyone wants to chase Ann.

7. Put in a couple of bowls and buckets and children will consider it an amazing game to carry balls from one side of a room to another for 20 minutes and then reverse the whole thing.

8. They are remarkably good about staying in English the entire time, even if I am completely hands off and leave them to themselves.

9. Children are absolutely fascinating to watch when engaging in free play.

10. I am glad we get a full period for "gym."

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