Thursday, November 02, 2000

The bastards at OSAP and my poor planning

It is turning out to be a very hard forth year. In addition to missing Alan like crazy, I have lost a large bit of my OSAP loan because it was reassessed and I am struggling with classes and a job. I now need another job on top of that which will be hard to manage. My social life is non existent-but then I can't afford to go out anyway. I am finding in my final year that after all this effort I don't really feel that my classes will lead me in the direction I want to go. I seem to have more of a historical background than an archaeological one and am not sure what to do about that now. I should have taken anthropology and geology and environmental science and chemistry along side my classics courses but it is a bit late to realize that in my graduating year.

If it weren't for Alan, I might have changed my degree and stayed a few more years. But then, I want to spend some time discovering what it is like in the real world, the one outside of university. So I do rather suspect I would do just as well to take the two years to figure out what it is I want to do in a Masters and what I need to learn in order to get to there. Because I am definitely not qualified yet.