Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ways To Feel Tired

1. Mentally exhausted
2. Physically ready to crash
3. Couple of cups of red wine tired
4. Out all day in fresh air tired

The last one is most definitely the best feeling. My hands kinda smell like dirt. My eyes have a weird dry feeling from the wind. I can't stop yawning.

I went to Kosu Cave today, which also involved seeing (and walking over, terrified) the Sokmum which is some sort of old stone wall/gate, Todamsambong - three rocks and a pavillion, and a ferry trip.

It was all very pretty but I think my camera may have completely bitten the bullet, which sucks as the pics were good up until then. We'll see if I can recover them and then I guess I know what March's big expense will be. I can't live without a digital camera - as my old student, Jully, said: I am not an analog woman.

The caves were cool, though after the Bat Cave experience in the Philippines, I am not sure anything else will ever really impress me. After all, how impressive is it to walk along a walkway, just occassionally bending over to protect my head, to clambering down rocks in the dark and getting completely covered in bat shit?

Mostly it was just lovely to be out and about in the sun. I am a sun-lovin' girl. Back when I first moved to Korea, I used to say I wasn't into beach holidays - after all, having grown up with family cottage with its own beach, how special is somewhere with sand? I have quickly come to revise that position - beaches are simply the best fucking places in the world.

Let's get back to this stone wall/gate/whatever it was. So, we walked across it. As anyone who has been up high with me knows, I am not so fond of heights. Bloody petrified might be the most accurate description, in fact. However, I am stubborn and hate being left out, so up I went. Please note, that we had to hop over guard rails to walk across this thing - no one but crazy foreigners appears to do it, what with it not being allowed and stuff. Gotta love Korea - where else would a tour group encourage you to break rules and do dangerous stuff and not worry about being sued?

Paintballing tomorrow. According to a guy I met today, it will cover me in loonie size bruises. Awesome. It'll be hot ;)

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