Monday, March 03, 2008

Food I Will Be Eating For The Next Several Months

Because I just bought immense quantities at Costco!

1. Two big bags of Special K Red Berries
2. Sixty Eggo Waffles
3. Thirty rolls of toilet paper
4. Two 3L bottles of grapefruit juice
5. Twenty tortillas
6. 4lbs of salsa
7. Two single servings of ravioli
8. Salad greens (bought basically because it comes with edible flowers in it)
9. A package of chocoate covered strawberries
10. One Costco hotdog, fully loaded, in spite of the fact that I would never eat it that way at home.


The Thirsty Gargoyle said...

You eat toilet roll?

Joyfulone said...

I seriously hope you like salsa. That's nuts.

Chris said...

SINGLE servings of ravioli? Are you talking about the huge frozen bags of cheese / spinach ravioli? I eat large portions, being a large man, and I can't imagine that is a single serving. They must sell another size package... BTW, the frozen cheese/spinach ravioli goes great with the Costco spaghetti sauce (whose brand name escapes me at the moment) and some shredded cheese on top.

Amanda said...

Naturally I eat toilet roll. All that fibre.

As for the ravioli - it's not a normal crazy Costco size. It's just not available anywhere else in Korea.

And yes, salsa - LOVE! I consume more salsa than can possibly be healhty or decent. I put it on everything. Spaghetti, salad, chips, chicken... You name it, I would probably put salsa on it.