Thursday, April 26, 2001

The end is nigh

I had my final exam last night and it was brilliant. A bit of a hard exam actually but I think I did fairly well and more excitedly it took me about 40 mins out of the three hours, after which my friend Jas and I went and got totally plastered at a pub on campus. We had 16.5 ounces of alcohol-I was nice and tipsy. I called Alan in spite of the fact that it was like 6 am over there, rather amusing!

My housemate Gord has turned up again after disappearing for three or four days and his girlfriend and mother not knowing where he was and calling incessantly. He will be leaving again on Saturday. I think I will have the place to myself on Monday, which will make moving out a lot smoother. Time to start packing tonight-I have been taking it easy today due to my hungover state.

More drinking and dancing tomorrow-being finished is fucking awesome! Though I don't think it will hit me that I am not coming back in September for awhile.

anyway, I am off to cook something with the remaining contents of my fridge. Should be interesting!