Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Month 2 Down, Many More to Go

Progress Made
2. Read 101 books. (12/101) Life of Pi, Tokyo Cancelled, Fox Girl, Borderliners, Plainsong, Another Roadside Attraction, Naked, Practical Demonkeeping
3. Read 50 children's books. (0/50) Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key
5. Spend 30 days reading out of the house for at least one hour. (1/30)
12. Complete a month of posts each year (NaBloPoMo or other month.) (2/3)
14. Send 60 handwritten letters or postcards. (5/60)
16. Send Christmas cards. (1/2)
22. Stop saying THAT word (the one Martha doesn't like.)
27. Play 5 board games. (4/5)
35. Take the good camera out once a month. (4/30)
46. Try 10 new foods. (1/10)
57. Eat at 25 new restaurants. (3/25)
68. Go to a sporting event, a play/opera/ballet, a museum, and an art gallery. (1/4)
76. Take the subway to or from work once a week. (9/38)
77. Walk into Itaewon to get coffee at least 15 times. (3/15)
84. Finish all my multivitamins.

15. Complete Postcrossings.
23. Win at any of the quiz nights.
26. Learn to play a new game (Backgammon, Bridge, etc.)
53. Eat chicken wings in a bar for the first time.
64. Visit a country from the Axis of Evil.
78. Buy a round for the bar.
83. Buy a frickin' toothbrush.
97. Buy a new iPod.
99. Find a charity I believe in and donate/join a protest for a cause I believe in.
101. Wash Martha's dishes.

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