Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm on a Roll

Well, I made it through December. There were a few posts that I prewrote and set to auto-publish because of the holidays, but I would say that only happened a couple of times. Since I've become fairly accustomed to blogging daily and I enjoy it, even if it isn't always terribly enlightening for you, I might shoot for the 75% in 2009. It's possibly not going to happen - I might have plans to travel starting in September that would likely carry me through to the end of the year. If that's the case, I doubt that I'll manage the 75%, as some of the places on the fantasy itinerary are not the most wired, nor do I plan to do things in those countries that seems Internet friendly - I highly doubt that Mongolian yurts are even on dial-up, after all. However, if my potential travel buddy doesn't decide to do it, I'm tentatively thinking of trying to stay in Korea through to the spring and then doing the trip, as Russia in the late fall/winter is an adventure that seems considerably less fun solo. So, might as well start off on the right foot and see where the year takes me - I've totally given up trying to do any long term planning. My life just doesn't lend itself well to that!

So, January, here I come!

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