Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Weekends - I've Had 'Em

But oddly, I've not posted about the last couple. It's like the mystery of a blogger who names her blog after her travelling habits and fails to ever post about her trips...

The weekend before last was Thanksgiving and was characterized by lots of food, Project Runway and games. Martha and I played some more backgammon - I'm getting fairly decent at it and it's fun. I can't believe it took me this long to learn to play. A bit of ghetto Yatze and then there were the two games of Dice, both of which I won - such an energy boost! Once you start rolling dice that often though, it feels super odd after you stop. The food was not just the turkey - we also went to Suji's for brunch - expensive but scrumptious. And naturally there was trivia.

This past weekend was trivia free though, as the quiz master apparently ended up in the hospital. We had seen him the night before at the book launch of Every Second Sunday, which my friend Liz had a piece in. The book launch was at Dear Chocolate and was fun - champagne, good food, and I won a gift certificate to What the Book. A dodge around the book ban - fabulous! After it was over, we walked very, very far in freezing cold weather - why the hell did I wear a skirt again? - and ended up in a little Korean bar with tons of old records where we not only got to listen to some great music, but also danced the Hava Nagila. As you do. Padraic, Martha and I hit up Gogo's briefly, before she turned in and Padraic and I danced until the wee hours in Soho. I haven't been out dancing in ages and it was a lot of fun. Sunday involved a book club "meeting" that took place in my bedroom - Padraic, Martha and I discussed Life of Pi, but only Melissa also made it to brunch and she hadn't finished the last 30 pages. We put the lid on book discussion and ended up sitting shooting the shit between 1 and 1 at Wolfhound - ahhhh, Sunday Funday, how I've missed you (though you used to come with considerably more beer.)

And now I wait for another weekend to come.


Abi said...

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Betty said...

Hello There!
Was sent over my Blogging Experiments, She linked you on her current post. Sounds like you had a great weekend. :)


Cairo Typ0 said...

Rest assured that thsi travelling blogger will soon be posting about her travels. :) Well, as soon as I finish reading all the blogs i feel behind on while i was away. LOL