Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bring on the Bedtime

I am just so tired and I have so much to do still. I can't wait for the quality time with my bed that's coming soon.

I think, anyway.

I've hit another patch of, well sort of, homesickness. I'm not homesick, exactly. I can't think of any particular life I'd rather be living than my own. I just wish I could round up everybody I'd love to see and make them all magically appear here with me for a bit over the holidays, or me magically able to go see all of them, without any pesky planes or airports involved.

I'd like to have my brothers around to tease me and my sister around to drive me nuts. I want to go through the Tim Horton's Drive Thru with Kari. I want to make pancakes with the girls. I'd like to listen to my Grandfather's stories of his dog and here him say tootle pip, while my Grandmother asks me to join her in a glass of Guiness. I'd like to listen to my Nana and Aunt and Mom make dinner and yell for my father to come carve the turkey. I want to sit around after dinner over coffee and pie and shoot the shit with my family. I'd like my dog to be there, barking her head off and running around in circles through the kitchen and living room. Then I'd like to transport us all to a campfire out behind the cottage, roasting marshmellows. I'd like to crash at Jas's place and drink some chocolate martinis and talk about absolutely everything and anything. I'd like to be able to transport myself and Jenn to Togo to see Ortencia and then to Italy to see Jen. I'd like an afternoon in a Scottish coffee shop with Jenni and Andrea. I'd like time with Jacob that is stress free (and judging by that last visit, also booze free!) I'd like to go watch a movie with Ike. I'd like to sit with Samarra in The Laundry Cafe (it better still exist), while we wear all black and talk about intellectual university stuff (so maybe this never actually happened in university but I still wish it had.) I'd like Candace to wake me up singing that annoying song and demanding that I come drink Black Cherry Vanilla tea. I'd like to see Jane again - I associate her more with here than anywhere, but perhaps an afternoon in random Nowhere, NY, just chillin'. Either that or some "time" in a DVD bang. I'd like to take all my favourite people from all the years in Korea and go dancing with them all. I'd like to be at Sunday brunch, surrounded by everybody, all of them happy and healthy and discussing books.

Instead, I'm gonna go to bed and then wake up and administer some tests and hope that once all this stuff passes, so does the homesickness. It doesn't come often, but when it does - man, does it hit hard.

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Joyfulone said...

Aw. Big love!!!