Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What I've Been Reading - Online

I love to blog. It amuses me, I like being able to read the posts from years ago and giggle all over again at the silly things that have happened, and frankly, it just gives me something to do. Thus, doing NaBloPoMo was a logical choice. As for the reading of blogs, I came to that considerably more slowly. Because I started my blog intending only to have friends and family read it, it didn't really occur to me for some time to read blogs of complete strangers. In fact, I still generally restrict my blog reading to the blogs of people I have interacted with in some other way first. However, I've slowly been discovering blogs that I find amusing or thought-provoking and since Grace has mentioned on her blog that she enjoys reading as much as the challenge of posting in November, I decided to try that out a bit too. Given the anal way I approach all reading, I started at the beginning of the blog list for the month and worked my way down. I've found a few cool blogs that I will probably start reading regularly and I thought I'd post about them.

My First World Problems - I love the idea of this blog. It also amuses me how my ideas of the author slowly took shape. When I started reading, I assumed the writer was female. Then I read about a girlfriend/fiancee and assumed the blog was written by a lesbian. Suddenly it occured to me that maybe the blogger was a male. By the end when I read the intro post, I finally discovered that the blogger is indeed a woman. It was interesting to go through that cycle of wondering about the author - it brings me back to a conversation with Mr. Ruddy, my highschool history teacher. He once asked if I tended to read/relate to more male authors or female ones. He said he prefered female authors and after some thought, I came to the conclusion that I did too. I'm not sure these days that I read more women, but I still suspect I enjoy female authors more than male ones. I'm now quite curious to see if that guess is correct, so I may pay a bit more attention the genders of the authors I love and hate.

Over the month I also commited myself to try to read and comment on all the newbie NaBloPoMo blogs. One thing that meant is that I was reading a lot of blogs by people I have very little in common with. A lot of the time that was a great experience - even when it wasn't, it was certainly interesting. However, I noticed one thing - it makes me very nervous to comment on the blogs of Christians. After all, some of them might follow the link and read my blog and I am not sure what they are going to think of the blog of a bisexual atheist. I don't want to end up with nasty comments, frankly. Opening myself up to reading Christians isn't a huge problem for me, but somehow the idea of open myself up to them reading me is a concern.

Since I originally wrote this, the First World Problems blog has been deleted.

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