Thursday, December 04, 2008

Seriously?!? Seriously!?!

I was just reading on someone's blog that you can't take photos in stores back home. I take photos of anything and anyone here and it's all cool. How odd to think I couldn't take photos of odd products in grocery stores at home.

That got me thinking about the biggest crime I've ever committed and they both are fairly hilarious. The first was participating in an act of property damage - the destruction itself was very much not hilarious and completely unintended. The hilarious part is what it all says about me - namely that as the only sober person in my final year of high school, I thought it was a sterling idea to remove a tractor tire wheel from school property (and don't even ask how it got there) by rolling it along, as it was too hard to carry. Which did indeed make sense until we hit a hill, lost control of the wheel and it very much broke a fence clear on the other side of a park.

Just picture a bunch of eighteen and nineteen year olds, most intoxicated, standing in the dark, saying that for sure the wheel would fall over when it hit the first curb... Or that second one... Oh, fuck! If it wasn't hilarious enough that it was a tractor tire wheel we were moving, the other rather amusing thing is that we went over to try and fix the fence, which is what nearly got us all caught. We also had along for this ride an Australian exchange student with only a small amount of vision in one of her eyes, and hence a problem running like hell in the dark away from the threat to call the cops.

The other crime I've committed was fully intended and also hilarious, but I had no idea it was a crime. A bunch of us, including a guy in an RMC uniform, decided to go around during an election and swap all the lawn signs around. We were all highly amused at the idea of Reform Party supporters looking out the window only to see that they were advertising the greatness of the NDP. And in the interests of full disclosure, I was indeed a bit tipsy for this one.

Looking back at this post, I realise I've just outed myself as an ex-hick and a rather old one - the Reform Party's been gone for a while now, yes?


Cairo Typ0 said...

Back when Hubby and i were dating, we were at a grocery store adn took turns on the dinosaur ride. You know the ones they always have at the front of the store to amuse kids for $.25 while their parents pay for groceries.

We were having fun and taking photos of one another on the ride and were asked to leave. Not becaause we were disruptive - because we weren't. But because taking photos inside the corporate owned grocery store was verboten. I still have the one photo we did get adn its a favourite. :)

Janna said...

Doesn't everyone at one point take signs out of people's yards and move them? I know I did. I think it might be a rite of passage....

NicoleB said...

Not sure how many crimes I've committed so far, but I'm sure it have been a few ;)

In Germany they wanna start copyrighting things like fountains and such.
Yeah, build a big fence around it....morons.
They are trying to make it a law where you can't sell your pics of those objects no more, like on stock market sites or make a postcard of it.

In shops they do it, I guess, so it's harder to compare prizes with fellow stores.
I guess, dunno :)


Lilly's Life said...

Oh you can't take pictures inside grocery stores? I do it all the time and certainly did in Thailand too - I guess I will keep snapping until I get a hand on my shoulder. Are you Scottish or lived in Scotland. I lived there for a while too and left in 06. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I shall be back!

Amanda said...

I lived in Edinburgh for 4 years and was briefly married to a Scot.