Friday, December 19, 2008

Always Choose the Fun One

Today was such a busy day - my last day of the semester flew by for sure, which is what I like. My mind was fully occupied and not at all bored. We had to do all of the tests today, mark them in the classes, write all the marks on the report cards and then hand the lot of them in. Since my last two classes are elite classes and the tests normally take FOREVER to mark, I was ready to have the kids marking each other's tests if that's what it took to get me out of work on time at 9! However, it all got done, though I did work through my half hour break when I normally do a little reading, a little facebooking, and eat dinner. Instead I ate my oatmeal in class and I tell ya, for all that it's not terribly different in consistency to bonjuk, I've yet to meet a Korean child who didn't make quite a face when confronted with a bowl of it.

My schedule for January looks ok - if you ignore the fact that classes will start at 9 a.m. and that means I will have to get out of bed before noon - one week I may be doing some serious overtime, but that's alright I guess. Especially since though I'm not drinking, I'm somehow not spending any less money. What am I doing with the $200 I used to spend partying every weekend? For sure, I still eat out a lot, and there were Xmas gifts to buy and then send, and I did spend about $100 on books this month (I should not under any circumstances be allowed in bookstores. I may need to get other people to buy my bookclub books for me.) but... And I guess tonights "Slumber Party" purchases didn't help (for anyone who isn't my mom, that's code for sex toy parties. I was startled to find myself something of an expert of all the attendees...)

Anyway... I was an errand running machine this morning. I had to buy a cake first and then I went to the post office, where a very confused postal worker thought I was going to try to mail the cake to Canada! Ummm, no. I'm not THAT lacking in sense. The cake was merely the first stop along the way. After I mailed out some packages - January birthdays, in fact, so I'm all ahead now - I went to get coffee and a ham and cheese croissant (I'm addicted to these things because the cheese is so.damn.good.), only to mildly annoy the people by bringing in outside cake. Oops. Then I popped into 7-11 because I need some shampoo and stuff and I didn't have time to go elsewhere. I dropped off my cake and my coffee at the register so I'd have a hand free to grab stuff and the 7-11 dude looked mighty confused as to why it was all sitting there in front of him. I even made it into work about 3 minutes before class started - that hour of prep in my contract? Very much not mandatory.

Since the day has been mostly taken up with a series of speaking tests and listening tests, I have just been a marking machine. It wasn't until the last elite class that I tuned into what the listening class was about. One of the questions was about a girl who needed to study for a biology test but was being invited away for the weekend. Based on what she said, the kids had to decide if she was more likely to go out or stay in and study.

I started laughing my ass off because given the facts - she really, really needed to study - my answer would always still have been to go out and have fun, though that certainly wasn't the answer they were looking for. Man, I was such a bad student. Every once in awhile it really blows my mind that I teach now. Me. Really!

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Cairo Typ0 said...

I too have "for anyone who isn't mom" codes. LOL As far as my parents are concerned i'm still 10.. maybe 12. LOL