Monday, December 01, 2008

Yes Canada Can!

In a historic political move, the leaders of the Liberals, NDP and the Bloc Quebecois signed a formal agreement Monday to topple the Tories and co-operate as a coalition government for at least 18 months.

4 comments: said...

OMG, a governmental entity driven by the Quebecois? Doomed to eighteen different kinds of failure, and if they have access to nukes? Then you'll be turning some prime native forest into radioactive ponds of melted rock.

But that's probably for the best, and I wholly endorse the actions of these ignorant bozos.

Yeah, right.

That'll happen.

Cairo Typ0 said...

A party whose main goal is to leave Canada wants to help rule it. I've always had a problem with the Bloc for that reason. But maybe this is for the best - The current canadian govn't needs a swift kick to the head. *sigh*

Amanda said...

Obviously it's the Liberal and NDP part I'm happy with. But frankly, I'd take the Bloc over Harper. I'm not a fan of his.

Amanda said...

Also, I'm not sure I'm opposed to groups who wish for separation involved in government at all. I think that either the ability to voice concerns will solve the desire to separate or it will lead to conditions where it can be done peacefully and civily as possible. Also, regardless of what a minority wants within a country, they should absolutely have the right to express it. I didn't like Saddam supressing Kurdish calls for separatism, I wouldn't be cool with it happening in Canada. If Quebec is voting them in, then we'll just have to deal.

But then, I live in South Korea. I have become very familiar with the idea of separated countries.