Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Whole Lotta Weekend

This is a funny week, as we have a day off today (Tuesday) and Chuseok on Thursday and Friday, so it's kinda like having a bunch of little weekends. It also means that both teaching days are just a little bit useless as the kids are in a party mood and many aren't going to be there.

The real weekend was interesting. I stayed in Friday night, but managed to stay up til 5am. This sounds bad, but the thing is that 3am for me is like midnight for a person on a more normal 9-5 schedule. I watched Arthur, which I think is a really good movie, even if it is presented as historically accurate when it isn't.

Obviously I slept in pretty late on Saturday. I had a big pizza craving, so I indulged it. Late in the evening YunJin and I went to Itaewon to meet her friend. We played darts and bought earrings before heading to Hongdae. At TinPans 2 we were both blowing bubbles with some delish gum. I am not particularly fond of TinPans 2, but I like blowing big bubbles, even if they do pop and stick to my glasses. We met up with Amber and Julie and the Julie Brothers in Route 66. YunJin and I ended up chatting on the roof.

Sunday was another day of sleeping in and then YunJin and I met up and went to Itaewon. We ate some pretty good cheese cake in the street outside the International Foods Store (which has improved remarkably since I was last there) and went to What the Book. I am going to try out a book club, so I needed to get the books. I could only find one and ended up with some unplanned purchases too. We then went to Three Alley Pub for great caesar salads. Oh, and I bought a t-shirt that says in English and Korean "I am not a migook." It made me giggle.

Today I once again slept in. Then my plan was to find the second bookclub book. I realised that I had mistaken the authors (tony parsons for nick hornby) and tried What the Book again. They didn't have it, but I did trade some books in. So, I grabbed a coffee and headed to Kyobo books. Where I bought the needed book and FIVE others. I came home and talked with James. Got some Baskin Robins and chatted with the girls in Julie's room.

“Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?” Henry Ward Beecher

I used to joke that the reason I save money in Korea is that getting to an English bookstore takes a lot more effort. And it's funny cause it's scarily true.

However, it is amusing how easily it is to make me happy. All I need is a day off, a long lie, some time in a bookstore, coffee and ice cream, and a chance to talk to james and some friends. It was a great day.

Yay for the long weekend to come!!!

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