Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's never been so hard to drink in Seoul...

I went out tonight with Julie and Amber to Marjaritas, where we met John. They ate, but I wasn't hungry and just had a Blue Marjarita. Very yum. Then Sean and his friend Brad came along and ate. After we left was when it got weird. First, Bricxx was too busy to get a table. Then we went to this cool place with a wee wading pool and a deck, but all the drinks were $9, including non-alcoholic ones. So we moved on to the Queen's Head, where the choices were beer, white wine (which apparently was horrible) and whisky and coke. That was it. Very bizarre. The others proceeded on to a darts place, but I'm tired and ready for my bed. Not unsurprisingly, the internet still managed to suck me in!

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