Saturday, October 14, 2006

More Kitten Related Randomness

I had a very odd dream. The part I remember the best was set in Itaewon. Many of the stores there have tables out front where they display goods. There was one that had a kitten on it that was tied to the table by one foot. It looked very sad and uncomfortable and Amber encouraged me try and buy it and bring it home. After some arguing with the owner, that's what I did. (then we went to amber's and the kitten ate her hamster and sean got mad and the whole thing became very strange). I wonder what it all means?

Completely unrelated to kittens, it totally slipped my mind, but one of my students very oddly told me I was sexy on Friday. A seven year old named Danny. It was very out of the blue (I checked my cleavage, there was none showing!) and random. At Poly the kids often used sexy more like the word beautiful or pretty, so perhaps that was all it was. But it was odd. Almost as odd as Richard stroking my hair and asking what shampoo I used to get it so soft (and as he was grade 8, that was very, very uncomfortable for me.) Anyway, it was bizarre, so I thought I'd share.

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