Friday, October 13, 2006

Don't Talk to Me Mr. Joo, You Only Annoy Me

My day started out fantastically, with a phone date with the fantastic Jas. Sadly, it was all downhill after that. It is shortly to be perking right up again, though.

Work is making me feel very Grrr lately. It isn't the kids, in particular. It is still frustrating to teach the ones who won't pay attention. It is still frustrating to have to teach material I feel is above a class's level. But, it is also very rewarding to see great test scores, or huge improvement, or enthusiasm, or teach one of those lessons where you can almost see the students making the connection.

However, the homework craziness may drive me mad. So, I have an hour and twenty minutes of prep time. Today I spent a minimal amount of time actually preping and basically just set to reworking 6 homework lists. So an hour, plus most of the ten minute breaks between classes. All day I had a coffee and one small muffin, as I didn't have time to eat. And yet, I am only partially done 4 of the 6 lists. Three are essentially reworked. 2 have the correct dates. The last two I didn't even get to. So, here I was working my bloody ass off all day. And what are my boss's parting words? Make sure you finish and don't make any mistakes because I have a conference on Monday and won't be in the office to check them. Since giving him the bird and telling him where to shove it would get me fired, I just fumed. Dude, we've been handing out these homework sheets for at least the 6 months I've been here. Perhaps for bloody years. I think if they aren't 100% this week, it isn't going to cause the school to shut down or anything. For fuck's sake.

Going down to Julie's for a beer and some reality TV. Should be the perfect antidote to the joo-ster.

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Jen said...

My students are frustrating me these days; I think their lack of caring just irritates me. I care more about their grades and learning than they do. And in the lecture, they're treating it like a movie, going out to answer their phones, get cokes, use the bathroom, whatever... I publically dressed down a student who left class twice on thurs to answer his phone after they were told by the prof on tues not to do it. I'll prob. post about it (and the feminism) soon. Ah, the ups and downs of teaching.