Tuesday, October 03, 2006


* I have two mosquito bites, one on the inside of each ankle. They are highly annoying.

* The Body Shop Hemp Foot Moisturizer is so smelly that the socks I wear to help it sink in to my feet still smell after several washes.

* I am reading four books at once right now.

* I am very, very tired.

* Orange Fanta is quite nice with gin.

* I only sometimes use capitals, both in my posts and in the titles. I think I should either try and be more conscientious (though I can't be arsed, just as I can't be arsed proofing or spell checking) or decide to follow in the tradition of e.e. cummings and bell hooks and just do away with capitals altogether.

* I quite like punctuation though, even though mine is sporadically done in my blog. I teach this crap all day, am too lazy to care at night.

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Naomi said...

Another random thing, I went to the post office the other day to post you a letter and the clerk asked me where South Korea was! So naturally I answered 'south of North Korea' I don't think she was impressed and I don't think she knew where that was either...! Then I had to post a letter to Canada. 'Canada?' she said.
Oh preserve us from the stupid people who work in a Post Office for Christ's sake!!!!