Saturday, October 07, 2006


Someone left the window open while someone was smoking. That someone was not me. Now someone has a lot of annoying, buzzing, biting mosquitos flying around. That someone IS me.

Oddly, while I can never hit them when they land on the wall, I am getting quite good at catching them out of the air with my hand and smooshing them.

In other news, good work Papa Hemmingway. Those mojitos are fine. And yay for Marisa for reminding me of them, I hadn't had any since a phase in my first year of university.

It's been a very early evening (well, for a Korean evening anyway, as it's 1am), as I will be waking up early tomorrow, but I just saw Val's gang at Geckos and they are fun. YunJin's sister is cute too!

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