Saturday, October 14, 2006

How dodgy does THIS sound?

My name is **** and I am married to ****. We are from France working and residing in Nigeria on contract for Nova Gas Incorporated a Multinational Oil and Gas Company with headquaters in the USA.

My wife and son are not really good when it comes to speaking English hence we require an ESL Teacher to come and spend One year with us. You would teach my wife and my son who is 5 years how to speak English and some writing too. This is very important to me hence I would be offering to pay you $5000 every month.

You would have a Private Live-Out or Live-InAccomdation depending on your preference with Private Bathroom, SittingRoom and Bedroom. Your room would also be furnished with a TelevisionSet, an Internet Ready Computer System and a Fixed Landline telephone. If you can drive, you can let us know so that we can arrange a vehicle that you would use.

You would take them in English Classes every evening. You would also have the weekends off .Weekends with us is very fun as we visit fun spots, go sightseeing and amusement parks. Do not worry about your travel arrangements as we would assist you in that regards when the time comes. I have attached our family picture for you.


Jen said...

uh huh. And you just have to send them all your banking info so they can set that up for you? Weird... how DO you attract these people?

Amanda said...

I don't know. I've never gotten anything like this before. It just started up suddenly.