Friday, October 06, 2006

All I Wanna Do...

... is watch TV. After dinner at Panchos for Julie's birthday (yummy fajitas), we went to the Loft. Tons of people were there because of the holiday. Even the infamous myspace Sean showed up. It was a very, very late night, but bizarrely I woke up early and just could not go back to sleep.

All attempts at reading make my eyes slowly shut, but i just can't nap. So, TV would be perfect, mindless, effortless amusement.

But I can't watch it. Why? Because my room doesn't have blinds. I guess they burnt down in the Great Room Fire and Mr. Joo wouldn't replace them. He told me that he provides the same things that a university dorm room would have in it. Which I find bizarre, cause none of my rooms came with a comfy chair and a kitchen, but they sure as hell had blinds. So. bloody. weird.

Anyway, the sun is streaming in, which is lovely, but it does mean I can't see the TV screen. Back to reading and nodding off, I guess. I am loving the Plot Against America by Phillip Roth, by the way. You should all read it.

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