Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just Another Thursday in Seoul

So, it's been a long week. Without a break, I really do have to work through my prep time. But with report cards due and the fact that I wasted a half hour today being late because of the long line up at the bank and reading Naomi's letter, I haven't gotten through as much stuff as I need to have. The horrible homework lists with their evil new requirements still await. And since all of my homework lists are above the 2.1 level, the reassurance that we can do just one book at a time doesn't actually work in my case.

My students seem to be divided at 50-50 as to whether I look better in glasses or without. Frankly, I prefer them. And I've never been hit on so much as in Seoul by guys telling me that they think glasses are sexy. Where were these people when I was in highschool???

One of my classes involved a discussion about the nuclear situation with North Korea. The kids asked if I would go to Canada if North Korea was going to bomb us. I told them I would probably head to Hong Kong. Then another class asked when I was leaving Korea, as Julie is about to go, and I told them the soonest was the end of May. They asked if I would head back to Canada and my response was, maybe i'll stay in korea, maybe i'll go to hong kong, and maybe i'll end up in vancouver/seattle. there are too many factors that i am unsure of to even take a stab in the dark at where i'll be by next summer!

We went out to Margarita's tonight, in Hongdae, for some food. I finally got a Blue margarita there, as they've been out for months! Also bought 3 pairs of earrings. I need someone to start a compulsive earring shopper support group. one pair wasn't silver though, so perhaps that is a positive sign ;)

I really should be in bed, cause I have a phone date with Jas early tomorrow morn!


Candace said...

Do I get to vote???

I vote you come to Hong Kong.

Ok, that's Hong Kong 1 - Korea 0!

Jen said...

I'm staying out of the voting... I can't believe Vancouver's in the running after you've slagged it off so much. Seattle's a lot like Vancouver, except it's bigger and there's a lot more people. But lovely. I hope more than anything you won't have to worry about a nuclear threat and can decide at your leisure! Although If I might humbly be able to make a suggestion, I do think Italy is lovely in the summer...

Amanda said...

Seattle is in the running for a boy-related reason. Vancouver would be a decent can-still-visit alternative.

Hong Kong is where I had intended to go after another year in Korea. Candy, will you still be there?