Sunday, October 29, 2006

Another Weekend Passes. Same Same but Different.

It's been a slightly odd weekend. I went to Ladies' Night on Thursday with YunJin at the Loft. It was a slightly crazy night, with tons of people there that I knew. Bumped into Kevin and Todd, Val and Amanda, Alejandra and Daniel. We watched the DJ playing pool undefeated for some time. Then as the evening progressed, I ended up chatting with some Germans and getting them to teach me random phrases in German.

I didn't get much sleep and Friday was a looooooong day. In spite of that, I ended up going out Friday night. YunJin, Jason, Jason (R2J2), and I went to Outback for food first and then headed to Itaewon. Geckos was dead, but Tommy joined us there. R2J2 had an interesting moment when he suddenly fell out of his chair while on the phone. It suddenly occured to us that it was Club Night, so we decided to head along to Hongdae, where we ended up at Bricxx, chatting till 5am.

Although I had only had two drinks, the lack of sleep did me in and I slept all day Saturday. It was disorienting to wake up and find it dark. I hadn't a clue what day it might have even been at first, but I had merely slept for 12 hours. So, I futzed about on the internet for a couple of hours, ate my leftover Outback pasta, and got ready to go out for Julie's last night. It was also Halloween, of course, though I didn't dress up. We went to Margaritas, Bricxx for a hookah, and 66 before Julie decided it was time to head home. Tommy, YunJin, John, Laura and I headed to Itaewon and went to the Loft to dance and say hi to Val and the gang. Had a great time, danced on tables, etc. We went up to Poly's for a kettle (where I stole a couple of flowers from a stranger to put behind my ears) and then ended up in a cab on the way to Hongdae again, where we had samgypsal for breakfast as by then it was very much morning.

A taxi ride home and it should have been very much time for bed. Bizarrely I turned on the computer and ended up reading a bit before sleeping, so Sunday has largely been a repeat of Saturday, but with bacon and eggs instead of pasta. Fun, fun! I am now sitting around with reality tv on in the background and pondering the need to laundry and clean my apartment...


LjB said...

Dude - those german phrases are awesome. You've had them all translated right?

Amanda said...

Oh yes. These are the kinds of things I want to know when drunk and talking to Germans, apparently :)