Thursday, October 05, 2006


Happy Chuseok everyone! My classes yesterday were quite enjoyable. A lot of the kids were already away (of course they were! we had already had tuesday off!), so the classes were small and quiet and pleasant. I had told my younger classes that if they wore their hanbok or bowed to me I would give them a Choco Pie (just like Wagon Wheels for all the Canadians of my age out there). So, here are some pics of male and female hanbok. The kids were super cute. The class of all girls is one of my favorite classes, though two of the girls were missing. Cindy's mom heard about the hanbok promise and decided it must be a Chuseok party and sent her in with doughnuts and juice and snacks.


Naomi said...

Ummm... What's Chuseok?

Amanda said...

Find out here.

Basically it's a harvest festival that ties in with family/ancestors. And it is also why I have two days off work.

Film News said...