Sunday, October 01, 2006

A- (I am such an underachiever. I get an A, but that minus is in there...)

You Have A Type A- Personality

You are one of the most balanced people around
Motivated and focused, you are good at getting what you want
You rule at success, but success doesn't rule you.

When it's playtime, you really know how to kick back
Whether it's hanging out with friends or doing something you love!
You live life to the fullest - encorporating the best of both worlds

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Jen said...

oh, honey, I am a type A personality, full blown, and while that means I don't have the minus, it's more of a minus that it's missing. It's better to be an A- than an A in this case!! type As are rarely happy and I can vouch for that...

this is blogthings nice way of saying you're going to have a heart attack early if you don't kill yourself first (or inspire someone to commit murder b/c of your toxic personality):

You are hyper, energetic, and always on the move.
You tend to succeed at everything you attempt.
And if you don't succeed at first, you quickly climb your way to the top!

You could be called a workaholic, but you also make time for fun.
As long as it's high energy and competitive, you're interested.
You have the perfect personality for business and atheltic success.

hugs, J