Saturday, October 14, 2006


The last time I was in Korea, I greatly prefered my older classes. This time my two favourites are two of my youngest and I think I like the kittens class best, though the Pandas are a close second.

First, it's adorable that when they want to tell me that a student is speaking Korean (they aren't supposed to in class but a lot of it goes on), they yell out "Teacher! Angela Korea Read!!!" At first, I couldn't figure out how I wasn't noticing all these students hiding Korean comic books or something until I realised that I hadn't yet taught them the words talk or speak. I now use those words, but they still say Korea Read and I think it is too cute. They also say cunning when they mean cheating. And Cindy always says "Yes, sir!" to me. Lisa hides her homework under the desk and pretends it isn't done every single class. Jenny once came to school with her hair in the process of being permed (wish I had had a camera!) The boys are adorable, though they make the most unusual noises. The words "Justin, what ARE you doing?" come out of my mouth several times each class. Allie just can't sit still in her chair and Sara has the sweetest smile. Daniel always forgets the n when he spells his name. Basically they are just too cute, every last one of them. I teach them Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and Matthew gets them the other two days. When I see them in the hall after he teaches them, they all mob me. It's like a crazy Korean children group hug. Now another class has taken to joining in. I feel like a rock star, let me tell you.

In other news, some random child I don't teach and haven't a clue who is has taken to calling me anaconda teacher. I have a suspicion it might catch on. Considering that they call Laura banana teacher and Amber baby teacher and Julie Gong Julie (princess), I suppose it was time I got a nickname of my own.


Banannas said...

yes, we'll have to get a gecko's burger sometime soon...after that taste of one of laura's burgers, i'm thinking that's what i'll want during my next burger craving!

Jen said...

hmmmm, anaconda teacher, eh? I'm thinking queen of the 'anacondas' ;)