Thursday, October 12, 2006

5 Things Feminism Has Done For Me

This is in response to the cut by the Conservative government's cuts to SWC. Find out more here and post your own list.

1. It is why I was not just encouraged but expected to get a university education.

2. It made the circumstances surround my recent breakup much easier on me than they could have been.

3. It ensures that any child I ever have will be a wanted child.

4. It got me addicted to the internet and helped me meet some amazing online feminists.

5. It gives me the confidence to assert my opinion as a valuable one and to expect others to respond to me respectfully.


Scott Tribe said...

Thanks for the list and for letting me know you've posted one. I've added it to our thread.

Scott Tribe said...

(at the Progressive Bloggers thread I should hasten to add).

Kian said...

ooo making break ups easier. i hadn't even thought of that one.
i heart your blog, btw.