Monday, October 16, 2006

Another weekend post

I find I have very boring Saturdays...

Friday night Amber and I headed to Julie's to have some drinks and watch reality TV. Matt was there too. A good time. I went to go to bed at 3 and ended up talking to a friend in Iceland. Good fun, but left me sleeping in something fierce! All I got around to on Saturday was lots of reading (book club is under a week away and I've got 300 pages of the second book to read) and some cleaning. I really enjoyed A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby. Very amusing. I liked the lack of a happy ending, it would have been too sickly sweet.

Saturday night I was out with Julie and Amber, but didn't stay out late. Sunday was a blast. Went to lunch and then for some shopping with YunJin. I bought (surprise, surprise) some earrings and a rather expensive necklass. We had some coffee and ended up deciding to go to Dongdaemun to continue the shopping. I ended up with a shirt, but there wasn't really too much going on with the big sizes. I am saddened that Doota failed me! Not that I really need much in the way of clothes.

Then we went to HomePlus and finally signed up for the gym. I got a six month membership, as it makes it cheapish. It is pretty damn nice for a Korean gym, with free classes even. Though I'll probably end up doing a lot of elliptical as always! We went for the first time this morning and I took it easy, as it is 7 months since I was last at the gym. Just a half hour of elliptical and then a smoothie for breakfast. Yum.

However, I am now very, very tired. It isn't all the fault of the gym... See, the other bookclub book is Haunted by Chuck Palahnuik. It is like watching a horror movie for me, gave me nightmares! I tend to read before falling asleep, but I'll have to avoid that with this one! So, I didn't sleep terribly well and then got up early. YunJin is at my gym for the next 6 weeks, which is good. Hopefully by then I'll be so accustomed to going out of habit that I won't need a gym buddy to force me to get up in the mornings!

Not much went on at school. Got those damn homework lists finished, though it meant no time for prep. Boss wasn't around much, which makes life easier. We have another meeting tomorrow, once a week nowadays. Which is unfortunate, cause the meetings tend to put me in a bad mood.

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