Saturday, November 01, 2008

Costume of the Night

I was fan death, a Korean urban legend. In case you haven't heard about fan death, these should enlighten you...

Halloween was great, but exhausting. On top of everything else, I think I might be getting a slight cold. After eight hours of scaring small children (three of them cried, but they were all under the age of three) and standing around in heels in a very, very hot costume having my picture taken with every single child who showerd up, I was soooo tired. I was also incredibly fed up with the green face paint - it dried oddly and was peeling off. So, I went home rather than going straight out and took a shower - though getting green off is harder than one might think. Then I was freezing, as I haven't yet started to close my windows but it is getting damn chilly. So I hopped into bed and started to wish very much that I could stay there. I ended up skipping out on the scavenger hunt part of the evening in order to chill for a bit and then have dinner with Annie, but I went out around 11 to meet up with the Lizzies and Martha and crew. They were at Flam's and then we briefly went to Jane's Groove, before ending up in Lesbos in the early hours of the morning. All in all, I had a great deal of fun for an overtired, not-intoxicated individual.

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