Saturday, November 08, 2008

Trip Time!

Axis of Evil, here I come!
Banned items list and other regulations
1). You are not allowed to bring these items as follows,

-Cameras (except Digital Cameras with zooming capability of 10 times and less)
- All Newspapers & Magazines
- Books related to North or South Korea
- binoculars. MP3 player, Radio, PDAs,notebook computers, calculators & CDP
*. If it is not good enough to bring into the North, you will have to leave in the locker and it will be kept safe until return from the tour.

2). You must ALWAYS wear your ID (you will get this before you arrive in NK)
around your neck.
3). You Must carry your passport and ID with you at all times.
4). You are not permitted to bring alcohol, but bring some foods into North Korea.
There are some shops where you can buy alcohol and foods in North Korea as well.
5). Only US dollars are accepted.
6). There are many large rocks with engraving done by the government. Do not touch or lean on these rocks.
7). You may speak with the North Korean people that you meet, but you may not
take random pictures of them, including pictures from inside the bus. In addition,
please be careful of the conversation topics when speaking with North Koreans.
DO NOT talk about politics, diplomatic relations, economics and other such sensitive issues.

[Photo Regulations]
The most annoying part in taking the tour will be the detailed photo restrictions, but then again, those restrictions
are not merely to annoy the tourists. Remember that the two countries are technically still in War!
All photos you take will be screened when departing North Korea. This unpleasant censorship is one of the major
conditions under which North Korea allows the tour operation, so do not try to discuss with them.
The North will enforce this policy nicely, but decisively.
Anyway, some officers control your camera more diligent than others do, so it’s basically luck whether you get
some questionable photos through to the South. You should still adhere strictly to the following rules:

1. No photos from inside the bus
2. No photos of cityscape or the dwellings of people
3. People are only to be photographed with their consent
4. In all tourist spots photos can be taken freely, but photos that violate 1-3 will be deleted.

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