Friday, November 28, 2008

Wise Words

When I was back home in Canada last summer for six days, one of the main things I did was to go to Canada's Wonderland with my neices. If you've ever gone to a theme park with jetlag, you can probably guess how that went - I had a load of fun, right up till I ended up taking a nap on a bench. Chloe was napping too, so that actually worked out well. In fact, chilling with nappers works well for jetlag in general.

As we were leaving the park and getting into the van - no small feat with three children and three adults - Emily looked at me and said, "Aunt Amanda, we're very lucky girls." I asked her why, assuming she'd say something about candy apples or rides or the toys they won at the games.

"Because we have so many people to love us."

It still makes my heart ache a little every time I think of it. Yes, Em, all three of you are much loved.

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