Saturday, November 15, 2008


So, because I'm on some medication, I can't drink. As any long term readers will know, I often ignore such warnings, but in this case it's obvious that I can't. And so, I am embarking upon an interesting experience - going out in Korea, sober, while everyone around me gets skunked. It's an odd experience, odder than it would be anywhere else I have ever lived.

Last night was Liz's mystery party. The entire thing was kept a mystery - the location, the reason for the party, the guest list, and the agenda for the evening. It started a couple of hours before I get off work, so I missed the meal and the beginning of the murder mystery itself, but was there to celebrate Nathan's leaving and Liz's birthday. Those of us not doing the mystery (which took bloody forever), just chilled and, aside from me, drank.

Once the mystery was over we went to a mom and pop restaurant for the rest of the night. Ate a little food, drank a lot of beer. Again, aside from me. And we played drinking games - murder charades (act out a person, murder weapon and place), Chopstick Olympics (both who can remember not to put them down all night and chopstick wars), games where you ask ridiculous questions and try not to laugh, and I never.

The awkwardness for me is that in drinking games, there must be a penalty and the penalty must be shots. I felt out of place, for all that everyone else was happy for me to do shots of water (I was well hydrated last night, let me tell you), I felt out of place.

It's going to be an interesting experience, this no drinking while hanging out with a drinking crowd.


Jenn said...

welcome to my world... well, usually my world :)

Debbie said...

HI Amanda. I saw that you stopped by Blog Around the World and lamented that I didn't have a category for South Korea. That isn't a problem. I add all the international bloggers on a one by one basis when they request to be linked because I don't know which countries outside the US have bloggers interested. If you want to be linked, click on my profile and email the names of the blogs you want to be linked...then grab the HTML code for the BATW button. I would love for you to play hostess to us next month if you'd be interested. Let me know!