Friday, November 07, 2008


I just made the weirdest meal. My pasta-with-any-random-thing-in-the-fridge is pretty common, but this was even more creative, as I am out of pasta and cherry tomatoes don't make very good sauce (not watery enough when they cook to serve as ghetto sauce!)

I stirfried some mushrooms, a green pepper, a handfull of cherry tomatoes, and some spinach in an Italian dressing pack that I mixed with balsalmic vinegar and water (very much not what the pack instructed me to do, but I don't have any regular vinegar. I just rejigged the amounts a bit). Then I put in a small tin of tuna and some precooked rice. The entire thing was inspired by the fact that the Italian dressing mix suggested using it to marinate tuna steaks.

You gotta work with what you have and I don't normally have much that would logically go together!


Nikki said...

We do that a lot, though usually there are more leftovers together than anything else. That sounds like an interesting dish. It was good?

Amanda said...

I liked it :)

Jenn said...

you cooked? shocked