Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Proposition 8 passed in California?

America elected Obama but has made it clear that the gays can't marry.

Fuck y'all who voted yes.

I'll marry who I like.

And screw you if you think any diferent.

That's kinda all I have to say. I'm seriously disappointed.

So, if we take the time between Martin Luther King, Jr. and Obama, is that how long it'll take y'all to be chill with the gays?

I am so not ok with being labeled as being one of "those straight folks." I'm bi, and proud of it. Enough with the heteronormative assumptions, if you aren't ok with gay people marrying, you aren't ok with me marrying. Let's make that clear.

And then I'm not ok with you.

Fucking seriously? Proposition 8?


Kristie said...

And here in my state, Amendment 2. An amendment with language so broad, it could easily take away rights of unmarried hetero couples.

This election has made it clear that we still have far to go with equal rights for everyone. Like any human rights issue, it is going to continue to be a nasty, long, hard battle.

I am not convinced that Obama is truly anti-gay marriage. In this horrendously homophobic climate, announcing that you are pro-gay marriage would be like saying you're against the death penalty. Or that you're against hand gun ownership. You just can't do it and get elected.

But here's what I'm thinking--this battle is not over. Gay marriage is eventually going to end up in the Supreme Court. And look who's going to be selecting the Justices.

At least Obama's optimism has got me feeling better about being part of solution.

But I hear you. It's really unbelievable.

Amanda said...

He has stated he is, in his book, quite clearly. He isn't against civil unions and he acknowledges that he might be wrong on the issue, so that's hopeful. But he is against gay marriage due to his religious beliefs.

Kristie said...

You're right. And I think it is hopeful. People can change--and he certainly is open minded enough to listen. There are plenty of Catholics who feel that abortion is a sin, but are pro-choice (my father was one of those people). I'm not losing hope.